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Demon&Hunter is the only authorized distributor of Demon&Hunter products. Please note that if the "Demon&Hunter" brand is used without permission, Demon&Hunter has the right to sue all other stores.

Demon&Hunter actively monitors and fights against any counterfeit trading or unauthorized selling of its products. Demon&Hunter will not comment on any specific counterfeit situation, it’s important consumers are educated about the dangers associated with purchasing counterfeit product.

Generally, Counterfeit products pose a risk to the health and safety of individuals as rigorous testing and compliance protocols cannot be assured. Additionally, there are no reliable assurances that counterfeit products are made in accordance with labor laws or environmental regulations; and many times purchasing from a counterfeit operation opens consumers to the potential for abuse of their personal information. In some instances, the ordered counterfeit product never arrives and if it does, it is typically, “not what was advertised.” Buying counterfeit goods from unauthorized sellers is dangerous.

We aim to offer wonderful shopping experience for every customer; and we stand behind our products offering the warranties and representations that come with being a legitimate, environment-friendly products company. Our retail store locations and website partners have been carefully vetted to offer fast, reliable, service and to ensure the safeguarding of personal information.

Demon&Hunter is doing its part to protect families everywhere by fighting the growing problem of counterfeit goods facing all brands around the globe today. We are committed to protecting the authenticity of the family moment, as well as the credibility of our brands and their product lines.

Pay Attention:
Any counterfeit trading or unauthorized selling of " Demon&Hunter " products would be sued to guard our trademark and intellectual property rights.


List of Fraudulent Sellers:

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