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[DEMON&HUNTER ] - Greatness, at any cost.

DEMON&HUNTER is an international fashion brand, which produces upmarket hand-made leather accessories and ready-to-wear,
and is committed to providing everyone with unique and exquisite products. The DEMON&HUNTER brand is known for its innovative
designs, having symbolic exquisite and dark colors but with style.



Our passion is helping people do more. We are committed to designing clothing that conforms to your body, allowing you to move
through life freely. Inspired by the attitude and values of the modern lifestyle, Demon&Hunter has been designing and manufac-
turing premium clothing & Accessories. We help you chase the things that bring you joy with an adventurous, determined and
confident spirit.



Jeans are regarded as the backbone of Demon&Hunter's business. We continue to have a high level of expertise when it comes
to the craftsmanship, quality and design of jeans.  The style are designed by independent design teams, each one of them with
their own ideas, concepts and designs.


Chinos trousers & shirts with a strong practical concept and an eye for innovative details. Each style is made of high quality
fabrics with a crisp and clean finish where details have strong workwear references. In combination with the contemporary
fabrics, the utility trim makes the design refreshing yet long-lasting.


Jogging pants and sweaters are inspired by the indie- and urban pop culture scene. The style is vibrant and easy going and
references are drawn from everything that influences the current trends.Technical design details and a colour palette con-
sisting of minimalist, neutral shades combined with bold contrasts.


Mens & Womens Accessories, such as wallet and belt, provide a full range of items for those who are creative in their styling.
The collection is driven by trends and emphasises colourful items. They offer a full range of accessories for everyone in every
occasion giving everyone the possibility to customise their fashion look.



Demon&Hunter uses the highest quality materials for each garment to make all our products tough, durable and capable of
withstanding the test of time. Each piece of garment is designed and scrutinized, creating products that are exclusive to the
Demon&Hunter. Jeans, for example, we gave our products their distinctively look by literally putting them through ripping,
fraying, sanding, patching and washing by hand — to give them true character and soul.



We provide you with a much lower price while every pieces of Demon&Hunter item is made with the top-quality materials just 
like any other premium brands around the world. High-standard products that are perfectly, functionally performed is guaran-
teed by Demon&Hunter. Meanwhile, our professional service team handle your doubts and questions within 24 hours on every 
business day. For every customer, We devoted to offer the best shopping experience.